Dan Centinello

About Dan Centinello


As Executive Vice President of Lincoln Strategy Group, Dan Centinello began his career in political campaigns in 2005, working in the San Francisco bay area after graduating from Canisius College in New York City. As a veteran in the political industry and presidential politics with experience that spans 38 states, the Northern Mariana Islands, and across the ocean to nations abroad, Centinello has created a name for himself that prompts recognition amongst many of his clients and colleagues.

Throughout his career, Centinello worked on various political campaigns which included: three international campaigns, two presidential campaigns, two gubernatorial campaigns, a senatorial campaign, and roles with national and state parties. In addition to his political campaign experience, Centinello has also managed corporate issue campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

Dan Centinello also served notable roles for household political names like Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Chris Christie, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as Senator Roy Blunt, and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer amongst others. Additionally, Centinello has experience running state party apparatuses as the State Director for the Republican National Committee in California and as the Executive Director of the New Jersey Republican Party.

In 2012, Dan served as the National Deputy Political Director for Mitt Romney’s campaign for President. During that time, Dan’s staff managed all voter contact, data analytics and voter targeting across the nation. Dan Centinello and his team presented daily analysis of critical information to better shape strategic decisions by the Governor’s closest advisors.

Shortly after, he was approached to work for FWD.us, a political action committee co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg an organization dedicated to mobilizing the tech community in favor of commonsense immigration reform. In this role, Dan was directly responsible for all political and grassroots activity in fourteen states, and he acted as the primary liaison to high-ranking figures in both immigration and tech circles throughout the United States. Centinello served as their Regional Director for the Southern United States & Silicon Valley, before being asked to become the Campaign Manager for a nationwide effort in the United Kingdom.

Dan Centinello has accomplished these achievements all before the age of thirty.

Meghan Cox, former client and partner of Lincoln Strategy Group describes Dan as “an excellent political operative who understands the big picture extremely well, and who can implement and design programs at all stages of a campaign. Dan knows how to implement large scale grassroots programs and have multiple regions running simultaneously”.

Currently, as Executive VP for Lincoln Strategy group, a prominent political strategy and public affairs management firm. Centinello is responsible for reporting the accomplishments of political campaigns, strategies  and business goals. He oversees the job performance of department directors and upper management within the company as well as developing employer-employee relationships, amongst other responsibilities and duties.

Highly proficient in issue advocacy and strategic consulting, Lincoln Strategy Group collaborates closely with clients to develop messages that win votes. Unforeseen challenges can thwart even the most painstakingly crafted campaigns and with a watchful eye, Centinello ensures that these challenges are warranted with winning strategies and ideas.

Lincoln’s collective insight and experience ensures that clients are well-equipped with extensive political and public affairs know-how, all of which can better preserve the integrity of campaigns in even the most formidable of scenarios.

As a whole, Dan Centinello’s tenure in the political realm has resulted in experience managing nearly 600 paid operatives, as well as developing, implementing & overseeing campaign budgets totaling $173.3 million and counting.