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Dan Centinello: 40 Under 40 Class of 2017 Winner

“Dan Centinello serves as Executive Vice President of Lincoln Strategy Group, a full-service political strategy and public affairs management firm. At Lincoln Strategy Group, he manages large-scale campaigns in the United States and across Europe.

Centinello’s professional political experience includes four international campaigns, two presidential campaigns, two gubernatorial campaigns, a senatorial campaign, and roles with national and state parties.”

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Political Polling Needs a 21st Century Update

(Authored by Dan Centinello)

“In any given election year, polls are a hot topic of concern. Is Donald Trump leading or Hillary Clinton? Will it be a close race or a landslide? Lately, it’s hard to know. Between primaries, caucuses and general elections, getting an accurate sense of the public’s political inclinations is an arduous task. That’s what polls are for – to record opinions spanning time and demographics in an attempt to predict voting outcomes.

Unfortunately, polling in general is facing a crisis of sorts: The methodology that has worked in the past is not holding up in today’s digital era, and it’s hard to distinguish a quality poll from a dud. As has been true throughout history, polling mechanisms are worthy of a healthy dose of skepticism if we want them to evolve and improve.”

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